Parallel Parking has Never Been Easier with FIAT

Parallel Parking has Never Been Easier with FIAT

Whether you are living in a campus rental or eager to go shopping downtown, it’s a good idea to become adept at parallel parking if you live in or near Ann Arbor. However, at Suburban FIAT, we know that nothing strikes angst in the mind of a driver more than eyeing that seemingly small space in between two other cars on the side of the road.

How can you master this white-knuckle experience? Its way easier than you think- especially if you are driving one of our zippy new FIATs. Our compact cars make it easy to park in any size space. It is all a matter of mastering the recipe for perfect parking:

  1. Flip on your turn signal so the drivers behind you know you’re parking and will give you room. Look behind you to be sure the cars have stayed back.
  2. Pull up about 2 feet away from the car ahead of the empty space, so your cars’ back bumpers are even with one another. Keep your foot on the brake.
  3. If the space is on your right, turn the wheel of your FIAT all the way to the right. Using your mirrors and by looking around, once again ensure that no traffic or anything else is in the way.
  4. Looking over your right shoulder, SLOWLY back up until your front wheel is even with the adjacent car’s back wheel. Step solidly on the brake. This should get your car right where it needs to be in terms of distance from the curb. If your wheel hits the curb, you’ve backed up too far. Just pull forward a bit before moving on to the next step.
  5. Look in front of you again and turn your wheel to the left while SLOWLY backing up further.
  6. As your front end clears the rear of the car in front of you, look back over your right shoulder to ensure that you don’t hit the car behind you. (If your cars are drastically different sizes, you may have to adjust a bit to make sure you’re not too far from the curb.)
  7. You probably will want to scoot your car forward just a couple of feet to center it in the space.

Voila! Just remember to line up the rear bumpers of the cars and to turn your wheel back once your front wheel is even with the other car’s back wheel.

If you’re not already in a nice, compact FIAT, make your parallel-parking life easier. Come visit us at Suburban FIAT on West Stadium Drive, and we will get you into a sporty new car with terrific mileage.