How to Get the Most Value on Your Trade-In

Are you planning a visit to Suburban FIAT to purchase a new FIAT car? If a visit to our showroom is in your future and you are bringing a vehicle with you to trade-in, follow these important tips to get the most value on your trade-in. Clean Your Vehicle Many people bring their vehicle to the studio in its current condition. If you want to get the most value for your trade-in, clean the car … [Read more...]

A Look at Manual Versus Automatic Transmissions

With so many different car ads out there touting the vehicle's transmission, we figured it's time to take a deeper look at the transmission, specifically the differences between manual and automatic. The various FIAT models available from Suburban FIAT come in both manual and automatic transmission, so it's wise to know how each operates before making a new car purchase in Ann Arbor, MI. A … [Read more...]

Upgrade Your FIAT 500 with Mopar Parts

Are you a car enthusiast who loves to replace parts and spruce up the condition of your vehicle? If so, you've come to the right place. The parts department at Suburban FIAT in Ann Arbor, MI stocks Mopar parts for your FIAT 500, or any other FIAT model. Simply stop by to speak with a member of the department, give us a call, or complete the parts request form on our website to find the part you … [Read more...]

Get an Oil Change Before Your Labor Day Road Trip

With Labor Day quickly approaching, there's likely a lot of things left to do on your summer calendar. No one likes to see summer come to an end and school start again, but it's a reality we all must face. Part of that reality is making sure your vehicle is serviced regularly in an effort to keep it running smoothly. You can do this by bringing your car to the service center at Suburban FIAT in … [Read more...]

Advantages of Trading in a Vehicle at Suburban FIAT

If you are in need of a new car, for whatever reason, you should strongly consider trading in your current vehicle for the benefits it brings. The staff at Suburban FIAT is ready to answer all of your questions and help you find the right model and trim level for your family's needs. Here are some of the advantages to trading in your used FIAT model for a newer vehicle. Reduce Amount to … [Read more...]

Keep Your FIAT Free From Summer Damage

Vehicles are an investment. Aside from being an investment, they are also important to our success in life. They help us get to work and school and beyond. If we didn't have our car we wouldn't be able to do much in today's fast-paced world. You can ensure that your car works properly by keeping it free from summer damage caused by heat and the sun. Here are some tips from Suburban FIAT. Check … [Read more...]

What to Know Before You Buy New From Suburban FIAT

Anyone in the market for a new FIAT vehicle needs to know a bit of important information prior to visiting our Ann Arbor FIAT dealership to take a test drive and make the purchase. This information will make the car buying process easier for all involved, especially you, the customer. All of the information mentioned below is strictly advice, but we hope it helps you understand the process of … [Read more...]

Experience the Express Lane Car Service Today

The next time you need to have your FIAT car serviced, for whatever reason, don't hesitate a moment and bring it to Suburban FIAT in Ann Arbor to take advantage of our Express Lane Car Service. We employ talented, experienced, and friendly technicians who will go the distance to find what is wrong with your car and care of it like it's their own. You can put your trust in our FIAT service … [Read more...]

Our FIAT Parts Department

The parts department at Suburban FIAT is an integral part of our dealership. Our parts department staff members are experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and available to help you find the right part for your vehicle's needs. Whether you need a part for your FIAT 500 or your FIAT Abarth, our staff will be able to help find the exact part required for the repair. We can then schedule an appointment … [Read more...]

Spruce Up Your FIAT Car at our FIAT Parts Center

Here at Suburban Alfa Romeo-FIAT, we know that finding authentic and genuine parts for FIAT cars can sometimes be difficult. Scrolling through website after website looking for that elusive part can be incredibly frustrating, and it’s even worse when it arrives at your home and you realize it’s not what you were looking for. Luckily for FIAT drivers near Detroit, MI, Suburban Alfa Romeo-FIAT … [Read more...]