Parallel Parking has Never Been Easier with FIAT

Whether you are living in a campus rental or eager to go shopping downtown, it's a good idea to become adept at parallel parking if you live in or near Ann Arbor. However, at Suburban FIAT, we know that nothing strikes angst in the mind of a driver more than eyeing that seemingly small space in between two other cars on the side of the road. How can you master this white-knuckle experience? … [Read more...]

The FIAT 500 Pop in Ann Arbor has Eye-Popping Features

Get the FIAT 500 Pop at Suburban FIAT USA in Ann Arbor for a car that combines safety and outstanding performance with a fun appearance. We are proud to be a part of the quality FIAT USA brand. The Pop of the exterior design Check out the eye-catching and playful exterior of the 500 Pop  model. The circular lights look terrific on the compact, curvy body and feature the latest high-tech … [Read more...]

Check Out FIAT of Ann Arbor’s Studio Parts and Service Areas

  Finding a FIAT in Ann Arbor has never been easier. We at Suburban FIAT carry an assortment of FIAT cars at our studio and have professional parts and services departments. Learn more about what makes the FIAT such a memorable vehicle and how we can meet your related car needs. FIAT awards We are proud to carry the FIAT, given its well-earned popularity worldwide. It has won awards that … [Read more...]